About Buchanan Bay


The sentiments expressed 12 years ago in the Far North of Canada still resonate today:

Where 'er we tread, 'tis haunted, holy ground - Byron

In the summer of 2006 my wife, Annelies, and I were part of a small sea kayak expedition that explored the fiords and inlets in and about Alexandra Fiord on the east shore of Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic.  This region, situated at latitude 80° North, is extremely remote frequented at most by 20 – 25 people a year.  It is an area rich in Dorset and Thule culture.  Near the end of our 2 week expedition we camped at Skraeling Island off the east coast of Ellesmere Island.  One afternoon we climbed to the high point of the island overlooking Buchanan Bay.  I sat there for at least several hours taken in by the spirituality of water, land, and sky.  Mesmerized by the solitude, tranquility, and beauty of this undisturbed landscape I photographed the terrain before me in the ever-changing light.  I had forgotten the chaos and strife of the present day world.  Recalling a line from Keats  ….. then on the shore of the wide world I stand alone, and think …..  My following thoughts were that the world could be going to hell and I wouldn’t even know it, nor would I care (at least at that point).  Several days later upon returning to Resolute we learned about the unsuccessful attempt to bomb a British Air flight at about the time this image was made.